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Business Catalyst VS. WordPress

Michael Collins - Monday, March 31, 2014

This is an interesting video about Business Catalyst and how many people regard it the best 'All-round" Content Management System for businesses. Take a look and judge for yourself

Most business owners couldn't care less which platform their website is built on, as long as their website is reliable, works on all devices and is easy to manage. In the past, sites that have suffered hacking, required upgrades or with functions that have suddenly stopped working were most commonly Open Source platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla.

Because we use Adobe Business Catalyst exclusively, if a technical problem does occur or an update is required, Adobe fixes and updates the system behind the scenes immediately. This means that our focus shifts to the business owners, helping them use the web to market their business and meet the needs of their clients. While the stability of the platform is a huge advantage, there are many other benefits.

Integration with customer database

At the core of a business is a customer base. Adobe Business Catalyst provides a built in customer relationship management system which means anytime a customer fills in a form on your site, buys a product or interacts with you in some way, this is recorded - with a range of automated follow-up and marketing options available.

Always up-to-date

The problem with many alternative platforms is that they date. No sooner has a site been built with WordPress or Joomla than a new version, security patch or plugin is requiring attention. Or the server they are sitting on has an upgrade and things stop working. With Adobe Business Catalyst, the platform does not date - in fact the reverse happens. It is two steps ahead all the time. While you sleep, security is maintained, fixes are made, new features and functions developed and magically appear in your Dashboard.

Your Website Can Grow With Your Business

The platform comes with pretty much everything a small business needs - even if you are not ready to use it all yet. Most business owners when building their first website, just want to get it up and adopt a staged approach to extra web marketing possibilities. Once built, it is easier to see the marketing opportunities your web presence creates. When using Business Catalyst we can just tap into the functions which are already there - whether it is creating specialised pages to complement print advertising or promotions, creating online events or bookings, or starting to sell things online, or using the built-in email marketing system.

Really Easy to Manage

The Dashboard makes it really easy to manage things like content on your pages, image galleries, blog posts and even your own forms on an as-needs basis. Two training sessions are generally ample to manage the day-to-day running of your site. So its perfect then? Its close. With access to an extensive knowledge base and a ticketed support system, website owners can resolve any issues as they come up. With 4 years using this system exclusively, we have the ability and focus to provide a much better overall experience for our clients - and their client base.