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    Complete Smile Dental

What we did

With the ongoing success of the two Healthy Smile Dental Practices in South Brisbane, Complete Smile Dental was established at The Gap to promote further business growth and extend its reach into new markets. As such, rose the need for a range of stand-alone branded material to introduce its services to new customer groups within the area.

Having successfully built the content managed website for Heathy Smile Dental, the brief was to supply a new website and identity for the newly named practice. A clean and distinguishable brand was developed and executed consistently across a variety of print, signage and digital mediums, to portray a fresh, friendly and welcoming theme through imagery and layout.

Complete Smile Dental has experienced great response and success upon launch, in addition to capitalising on numerous bookings and enquiries through their website. We look forward to developing these two brands further in the the future.

Project Details